AIRVO™ Humidifier with integrated flow generator

AIRVO™ Humidifier with integrated flow generator

The AIRVO 2 generates high flows of warmed and humidified respirator gases, delivered to the patient through a variety of nasal, trachesotomy and mask interfaces.

With its integraded flow generator and innovative oxygen delivery system, the AIRVO 2 provides an effective, versatile solution for the delivery of oxygen therapy.

High Performance

  • Designed to exceed the ISO standard for respirator humidification
  • Up to 60 L/min of supplemental oxygen


  • Variety of Optiflow patient interfaces for upper and bypassed airways
  • Wide flow range: 2-60 L/min

Set up and use

  • Graphical display menu for settings
  • Integrated 02 mixing
  • Inbuild 02 sensor
  • No probes or external air supply required
Intended useThe AIRVO 2 humidifier is for the treatment of spontaneously breathing patients who would benefit from receiving high flow warmed and humidified respirator gases, This includes patients who have had upper airways bypassed. The flow may be from 2-69 L/Min depending on the patient interface. The AIRVO 2 is for patients in hospitals and long-term care facilities.
Humidity outputComplies with ISO 8185-2007 standard
Flow settings

10 to 60 L/min (in increments if 5 L/min)(default)

2 to 25 L/min (in increments if 1 L/min)(junior mode)

Patient Interfaces

F&P Optiflow™ nasal cannulas

F&P Optiflow™ Tracheostomy interfaces

Masks with standard 22 mm medical taper

ModelsPT101AZ / PT101EE / PT 101EW / PT101UK / PT101US
Dimensions295mm x 170mm x 175mm  (11.6” x 6.7” x 6.9”)

2.2kg (4.8 lb) – unit only

3.5kg (7.5 lb) – packaged in bag incl. accessories

Electrical ratings

50-60 H

100-115V – 2.2 A (2.4 A max)

220-240V – 1.8 A (2.0 A max)