CosyCot Accessories

Storage Drawer System (900IW408)

Storage Drawer System (900IW408)

Conveniently provides storage for a wide range of equipment. Positioned underneath the bassinet the drawer slides both ways for easy access from either side. It also comes with a removable tray for small items.


Side Shelf (900UW401) with Mounting Block (900IW303)

The swivel side shelf and mounting block provides an adjustable height storage surface. The raised edges offer support for monitors and other equipment.


X-Ray Tray (900IW205)

The X-ray tray is positioned underneath the bassinet and provides a non-slip surface with a co-ordinate grid for accurate placement of the x-ray cassette. Both the mattress and bassinet base are x-ray transparent, so there is no need to move the infant.


neoBLUE®mini Phototherapy System

Delivers a narrow band of high-intensity blue light via LED technology for the treatment of hyberbilirubinemia. The neoBLUE®mini can be easily mounted on to either side of the CosyCot™ Infant Warmer column and has a flexible arm for easy positioning.


Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

The CosyCot™ Infant Warmer is frequently used to transport infants around the hospital especially from the delivery room to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The optimal way to do this is to use an UPS. The UPS acts like a battery and can supply full power to the CosyCot™ Infant Warmer for at least 5 minutes with maximum element output or up to 20 minutes at lower element outputs. Therefore the warmer can remain fully operational when it is being used for transport.


Neopuff™ T-Piece Resuscitator Module (900IW130E)

Is an integrated module inserted into the front of the CosyCot™ Infant Warmer.


neospot™ Procedure Light

The neospot™ Procedure Light is portable and compact and provides optimum lighting options for the CosyCot™ Infant Warmer.