HC150 Humidifier with Ambient Tracking™

HC150 Humidifier with Ambient Tracking™

The next generation in CPAP Humidification

The HC150 with Ambient Tracking™ offers many of the humidification benefits of our integrated SleepStyle™ 200 series.

Ambient Tracking™ balances humidity to compensate for changes in room temperature, therefore minimizing disruptive condensation.

The HC150 will work with any CPAP on the market to provide you with the most effective CPAP therapy under changing conditions.

Why add Heated Humidification?

Heated humidification improves user comfort and compliance.

Up to 80% of CPAP users complain of upper airway or nasal symptoms. Unfortunately these symptoms may be so severe, users are unable to continue treatment. The nasal mucosa is responsible for heating and humidifying the air we breathe.
Research has shown the increased airflow of CPAP can overwhelm our natural ability to humidify inspired air. As a result, the nasal mucosa may become dry, irritated and swollen. The HC150 adds heated humidification to standard CPAP therapy, maintaining mucosal hydration and preventing discomfort.

Ambient Tracking™ to Prevent Condensation

Maximum humidity, minimum condensation

Through advanced electronics, Ambient Tracking™ automatically adjusts the heater plate temperature as the room temperature changes. Condensation is minimized while humidity is maximized.

Ambient Tracking™ allows the user to set the heater plate temperature higher than with a conventional humidifier without causing condensation. The user then receives more humidity during the night. As the room temperature cools overnight, Ambient Tracking™ reduces the temperature to the heater plate to minimize condensation.