Neopuff™ Accessories

Neopuff™ Accessories

Patient Supply Line with T-Piece (900RD010)

The adjustable T-Piece is provided with a valve that can be manipulated to achieve the desired PEEP level. The single use adjustable T-Piece includes connected patient supply line.


Singe used Infant Resuscitation Mask

The Fisher & Paykel Single Use Neonatal Resuscitation Mask is easy to use. It is designed to facilitate an ideal seal on the infant’s face. The wide size range includes a mask for premature neonates.


Reusable Test Lung (RD020-01)

The test lung is made of silicone and is autoclavable. The test lung is latex free.


Humidified Resuscitation T-Piece (900RD110)

The Fisher & Paykel Single Use Humidified Resuscitation T-Piece with adjustable PEEP valve is provided with a heated circuit designed to deliver warm, humidified gas to an infant during resuscitation. It is compatible with MR730 and MR850 Fisher & Paykel Humidifiers.