Thermal Management Accessories

Side Shelf (900UW401) with Mounting Block (900IW303)

DuoSense™ Skin Sensor

The DuoSense™ Skin Sensor utilises two independent thermistors that are continuously compared to ensure accuracy and safety in temperature control. The DuoSense™ has a strong but flexible cable with triple kevlar stranding for extended durability.

  • Length 1.6m (63″)
  • Reusable
  • Included with Baby Controlled Warmers (IW910, IW931, IW932, IW933, IW934 and IW980)


The SureSense™ is a single patient use temperature sensor designed for accurate temperature measurement with a thermistor accuracy of +/- 0.1°C .


DaisyDot™ (NC040-10) & DaisyDot mini™ (NC042-20) Covers

The DaisyDot™ covers are single baby multi use items, with reflective and insulative properties to protect the skin sensor from external sources of heat. The petal design minimises sensor cover lift whilst providing an exit points for the sensor cable.


Reusable adaptor for SureSense™ (900IW003)

The Reusable adaptor for the single use temperature sensor, SureSense™, is designed with a leash to prevent the adaptor from becoming dislodged from the Fisher & Paykel Healthcare infant warmers.


NeoWrap™ Occlusive Wrap

  • Effective in reducing postnatal temperature fall in very low birth-weight infants
  • Helps to reduce evaporative heat loss
  • Allows radiant heat penetration
  • Transparent, appropriate size
  • Clean, biomedical material (ISO 10993-1)
  • Easy to use
  • Single Patient use


Eyemax 2™

The Eyemax 2™ phototherapy masks are designed to assure comfort and protection for infants during phototherapy treatment.