SleepStyle™ 600 CPAP

SleepStyle™ 600 CPAP

The SleepStyle™ 600 series with ThermoSmart™ is the first CPAP in the world to constantly deliver controlled humidity. ThermoSmart™ technology is a unique heated breathing tube that delivers higher customized humidity levels that are maintained throughout the night. These humidity levels maintain normal airway conditions without the side effect of condensation.


Until today the benefits of humidification in CPAP therapy have been compromised by changing ambient temperature. Changes in temperature cause condensation and mask pressure instability in addition to humidity loss in therapy.

ThermoSmart™ Technology, with its heated breathing tube adapted from sophisticated intensive care humidification, delivers higher and customized humidity levels that are maintained throughout the night, regardless of ambient temperature change. ThermoSmart™ Technology provides optimal patient comfort and therapy effectiveness through:

  • Prevention of condensation* and
  • Absolute mask pressure stability, but also
  • Optimal humidity delivery in all environments

Research has shown that CPAP users experience mouth leak up to 31% of total sleep time. Mouth leak is known to cause excessive drying of the nasal mucosa and congestion due to increased nasal airway resistance. 4,5 Humidity levels of 30 mg/L (absolute) at 30 °C have shown to prevent any increase in nasal airway resistance following a mouth leak.

These levels represent the natural conditions of the upper airways during inspiration that should be matched in the output of gas delivery systems. Conventional humidifiers are unable to supply these levels. A typical conventional humidifier will only provide humidity levels of approximately 18 mg/L (absolute) at 22 °C. Any efforts to increase this will only result in condensation. Optimal humidity delivery is only possible with ThermoSmart™ Technology. It results in optimal sleep performance due to higher comfort levels leading to improved patient acceptance and compliance.