Starsys Moveable WorkCenters

Starsys Moveable WorkCenters

The Metro Starsys System facilitates fast, agile reconfiguration by putting the power to change in the hands of the end user. In a matter of minutes, an entire setting featuring Starsys, can be reconfigured to support a new function, changing technology requirements, or increase efficiency. By utilizing 3″ diameter casters, Starsys Moveable WorkCenters provides increased storage capacity while maintaining ergonomic work heights and the flexibility to move within a room.

Moveable WorkCenters are available with:

  • 3″ diameter casters
  • 29″ deep worksurfaces in laminate or epoxy
  • Lengths 24″, 43″, 63″ and 73″
  • or without Overhead Storage
  • or without a knee space
  • Working heights of 30″, 33″, 36″ and 39″


The Metro Starsys System features a robust, aluminum and steel-framed substructure with advanced polymers forming the outer skin. Durable, functional, and -most importantly-mobile, the innovative design features easy-to-clean, chemical resistant surfaces that will not chip, peel, dent, or corrode over time. System components include mobile workcenters, carts, tall cabinets, stationary workcenters, base units, and overhead cabinets.

In healthcare, nothing stands still for long. And that’s precisely why the Metro Starsys System gives you the power to configure the space for the needs of today……. and then easily reconfigure it for the needs of tommorrow.





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