Polymer Accessories

Polymer Accessories


Standard Duty 8″ (203mm) Divider

  • Attaches to open grid and solid MetroMax i™ shelves.
  • Corrosion proof
  • i and Q versions

Universal 8″ (203mm) Divider (light duty)

  • Attaches to any open grid MetroMax i shelf, MetroMax Q Shelf, wire Super Erecta, or wire Super
  • Adjustable shelf
  • Corrosion proof
  • Easiest divider to add to shelf, repositions in seconds

Shelf-to-Shelf Divider

  • Full height compartments divide all of the vertical space between shelves
  • For use on open grid polymer shelves or Metro wire shelves


Stackable Wire Shelf Ledge

  • 2″ (51mm) stackable wire shelf ledge
  • Corrosion proof and easily stacked to contain shelf contents
  • i and Q versions available

Stackable Polymer Ledges

  • 4″ (102mm) clear stackable polymer ledge
  • Solid design helps to contain small items
  • i and Q versions, available


Enclosure Panels

  • Efficient way of enclosing the sides and backs of any shelving unit
  • Fits both i and Q

Labels and Markers

Label Holders & Color Shelf Markers

  • Easily identify compartments, shelf levels, or entire units
  • i and Q versions available


Stem Casters

  • Stem casters can be used to create transport carts or to enable stationary units to be moved more easily for
  • routine cleaning.


  • Handles improve maneuvering and ergonomics.
  • Easy-grip (left), swing up, and extended handle options.

Tote and Tray Management

Adjustable Tray Slides

  • Tray slides can adapt to fit different size trays, bun pans, and clear totes
  • i and Q versions available

Super Slides

  • Designed to hold Metro tote boxes
  • i and Q versions available

Undershelf Slide

  • Undershelf slide (for MetroMax i) accomodates one Metro tote

Modular Design

4-Sided Frames & Drop-In Baskets

  • Removable wire baskets can easily manage loose items.


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