Wire Shelving Accessories

Wire Shelving Accessories

Label Holders

  • Easy identification of shelf contents
  • Available in 4 styles and variety of sizes: 1-1/4″, Clear, Slanted

Color Shelf Marker

  • Color code for effective organization. Snaps securely to the front edge of Super Erecta and Super Adjustable 2™ Super Erecta Wire Shelving.

Shelf Ledges

  • For stationary or mobile installations, stackable ledges prevent items from protruding or falling from shelves.

Shelf Dividers

  • Shelf contents are kept orderly with these 8″ (203mm) high, snap-in-place dividers.

Hanger Rail

  • Attach easily between posts along the width and length
  • Optional hooks can hang from rail

Extension Display Hanger

  • Snaps on Super Erecta shelf hanger rails and shelf frames. Accepts standard carded merchandise.

Garment Hanger Tube with Brackets

  • Hanger tube attaches easily under Super Erecta shelves for hanging garments. Available in 18″, 21″ and 24″ (457, 530 and 610mm) widths and in same length as shelves.

Color Identification Tubes

  • Tubes slip onto posts of assembled shelving units
  • Provides color-coded organization to shelf contents

Rod with Tab

  • These form side and back enclosures for a shelving unit
  • Can serve as uniform dividers by passing through shelves from top to bottom
  • Recommended spacing: every 6″ (150mm) to 12″ (305mm)

Three-Sided Double Snake Frame

  • Provides additional support or access to floor with these sturdy square snake frames
  • Chrome finish

Storage Basket

  • Attaches to mounting rail, hanger rail or edges of shelves

File Basket

  • The convenient place to keep files and papers.
  • Measures 2-5/8″W. x 12-3/4″ L. x 8-3/4″ H. (67mmW. x 324mm L. x 222mm H.)
  • Large enough to hold standard-size file folders.
  • Attaches easily.
  • Catalog Number – PH1239C

Adjustable Undershelf Slides

  • These slides can be spaced to fit any width container or tote box.

Super Erecta Slide System

  • A super space-saving solution. Using Super Erecta wire units 21″ or 24″ (530 and 610mm) wide, tote boxes and this innovative slide system, you have the flexibility to create a custom configuration that can be positioned quickly on new or existing units without the use of tools. Finish is nickel-chrome wire with clear protective coating

Foot Plates

  • Use to bolt units to the floor, or when a broader, more stable foot is desired. Replaces standard post leveling bolt.
  • Zinc. Catalog Number 9993Z
  • Stainless Steel Catalog Number 9993S
  • Black Catalog Number 9993BL


  • Smooth polymer cover fits over leveling bolt to protect floors.
  • Catalog Number 9991P

Post Clamps

  • Post clamps joins units together for maximum strength.
  • Zinc-plated – Catalog Number 9994Z
  • Black – Catalog Number 9994BL

Hole Plugs

  • This chrome-plated cover is used to fill shelf-corner opening. Use whenever posts have beem eliminated by “S” hooks.
  • Catalog Number 9997C

Replacement “S” Hooks

  • Two are required for each storage level
  • Catalog Number 9995Z

Tray Slides

  • Free up shelves for more efficient use of space. Available in chrome and Metroseal 3 finish

Decorator Shelf Inlays

  • Hardboard mats prevent small items from falling through wire shelves. Fit between posts and level with top of shelf edge. Reversible black and white. Packed individually.

Clear Shelf Inlays

  • Nearly invisible plastic mat retains open-wire look of shelves and allows light penetration. Sold in packages of 4.

Snap-On Hooks

  • Multi-purpose hooks in three styles attach to hanger rails, mounting rails or shelves for instant access


Replacement Part

Replacement Super Adjustable 2™ Kit

  • Package includes 4 wedges, 4 sleeves, and 4 corner releases
  • Catalog Number – SAKITA2

Aluminum Split Sleeves

  • For high temperature, over the road, or conductive applications. Zinc or stainless steel retainer rings available to secure shelf. One bag required per shelf; 4 pairs per bag.
  • Aluminum Split Sleeves with Zinc Rings – Catalog Number 9986Z
  • Aluminum Split Sleeve with Stainless Rings – Catalog Number 9986S

Replacement Plastic Split Sleeves

  • One bag required per shelf; 4 pairs per bags
  • Back – Catalog Number 9985
  • White – Catalog Number 9985W


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