Atlas-Bariatric Couch

Atlas-Bariatric Couch


  • Electric backrest adjustment(backrest angle from 0° to 65°)
  • Electric height adjustment from 48cm to 88cm
  • Trendelenburg/Reverse trendelenburg from –15° to +15°
  • Electric handset
    Paper roll holder (max. width 60cm max. Ø 15cm)
  • Steel frame with light grey ABS casing
  • Seamless flat upholstery
  • 385kg patient weight capacity (tested at a dynamic weight of 500kg and a static weight of 2000kg)


Total Security

  • A patient weight capacity of 385kg
  • Equipped with safety sensors, couch movments are stopped if pressure is applied to the base cover


Accessibility & Dignity for Patients

  • A low height of 46cm ensures patients can access the couch safely with minimal assistance
  • An 81cm wide seat and thick foam padding with built-in pillow poviding maximum comfort and support



  • Electrical backrest and sealt tilt ajustments
  • Electrical trendelenburg and anti-trendelenburg movements