Polycare – Treatment Chair

Polycare - Treatment Chair


  • Electric height adjustment
  • Electric independent backrest adjustment
  • Electric independent leg rest adjustment
  • Combined electric seat incline with height adjustment
  • Combined electric armrest with backrest movements
  • Manual footrest adjustment
  • Hand-control with emergency position
  • Set of 4 castors Ø 125mm castors with brakes
  • Steel frame with light grey epoxy finish
  • Upholstery with 80mm thick foam and class M1 flame-retardant washable covering
  • 170kg patient weight capacity


  • Silent electric motors allow smooth & precise positioning
  • Easy access for patients & personnel
  • Adjustable armrests – height, rotation & inclination
  • Adjustable electric footrest
  • Can be used for many different treatments – dialysis, transfusion, oncology & chemotherapy
  • Ø 125mm castors ensure easy manoeuvrability
  • 13° Trendelenburg position
  • 3° Reverse Trendelenburg position
  • Integrated battery for continous operation even during power cuts
  • Fived optional IV pole
  • Manufactured with high quality materials (steel frame, stainless steel screws, M1 upholstery)